April Showers Bring May Tax Day

Traditionally, April 15 is Tax Day in the United States when all of our taxes from the previous year are due. However, this year the IRS and the State of Illinois have extended the deadline to May 17. 

The federal income tax was started after the Civil War ended in order to help pay for the war. However the federal income tax was not officially enacted until 1913. The first estate tax was started in 1797 in order to fund the United States Navy! 

Sales tax came about in West Virginia in 1921 with other states soon following. There are only 5 states without a sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon! 

NOTE: The library used to receive plenty of copies of the federal and state tax forms and filing instructions, which were free for patrons. In recent years, though, we’ve been sent fewer and fewer booklets and forms. We are able to print forms for patrons at .10/copy or we can help you find the correct websites and you can print at home.

Otherwise, the main tax websites are below.

Need Federal Income Tax Resources? Check out irs.gov for more information! 

Need Illinois Income Tax Resources? Check out mytaxillinois for more information!