Do You Know What Librarians Run On?

If you guessed coffee, you’re absolutely right!! Well, here at the Shorewood-Troy Public Library, anyway. Working at the library, I have found my book-loving, coffee-chugging people.

And today, Sept 29, is the day we have been waiting for –National Coffee Day! I’m excited to coffee talk with you!

You might not know that in my past (retail) life, I was a barista for 8 years. I am what you call a “coffee snob.” Yes, I buy whole beans from local coffee shops. Yes, I grind my own beans, and no, I am not in a relationship with Mr. Coffee, who would be my Mr. Right. However, I am an independent woman who brews her own coffee in a pour-over.

Without further ado, please meet your favorite librarians and their favorite coffee beverages in their favorite mugs.

Usha, Circulation Assistant: Cothas Coffee South Indian Coffee
Jennie, Director: McDonald’s or Dunkin’ with cream and sugar
Becky, Outreach Librarian : Salted Caramel Mocha
Rachel, Marketing: Starbucks Verona (or other dark, roasty coffee) with a healthy dose of real cream
Lori, Children’s Programmer: Kopiko Brown Coffee (I will verify it IS so good!)
Kimberlee, Programmer: Pepe Power Costa Rican from Krema with cream and stevia
Lesley, Children’s Assistant: donut shop coffee with white chocolate peppermint bark creamer
Julie, Adult & Teen Services Manager: Conquistador at Ten Drops and Sovereign’s Irish (adult) Coffee
Shalyn, Asst. Director & Children’s Manager: Death Wish Coffee

By Kimberlee Patton, STPL Adult & Teen Programming Librarian