Library Parents Meet Up

By Shalyn Rodriguez, Children’s Manager

MEET UP DATES on ZOOM (registration required)

Fridays @ 6pm – June 12 & 26, July 10 & 24

As a first time mom, there have been many moments of “OMG, what is that? I’m going to Google it and see if we need to call the pediatrician!” or “Please sleep through the night! I just want to rest for a solid 6 hours…” I know I am not alone here! 

Having others to talk through frustrations, transitions, and uncertainty are vital for parents and the library wants to be the place to offer that for you! 

Since we’re practicing #socialdistancing, all of our meetings will be held via Zoom. We will not judge you if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to come virtually hang out with us 🙂 

To get the Zoom link, register in Communico.

In the meantime, below are some e-book resources to help you through the crazy world of parenting. I can’t wait to commiserate with you!