Thundercluck! Read-Alikes

By Ms. Mara, STPL Children’s Outreach Librarian

Thank you so much to everyone who regularly tuned into our virtual reading of Thundercluck! Half God, Half Mortal, All Natural Chicken! It was such a fun book for me to read aloud, and I hope you all enjoyed listening along as much as I enjoyed reading it!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to just stop adventuring when our heroes defeated the evil villain, Gorman Bones. You want more! Luckily, this is the post for you, because I have 5 additional titles that I think you’ll enjoy!

Book #1: Odd Gods by David Slavin

This middle grade novel is perfect for any reader who is interested in reading another funny, mythological story! In this story, Oddonis is the son of Zeus who is a bit odd and isn’t even sure he has any supernatural powers – to make matters worse, his twin Adonis is perfect!  When Oddonis decides to run against Adonis in their class presidential election, it’s up to his friends to help prove that they are as good as any other Greek God, and maybe find their powers align the way!

Book #2: Max and the Midknights by Lincoln Peirce

Any reader who enjoyed Thundercluck and Big Nate, will enjoy this title. Max wants to be a knight more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, she’s stuck being a traveling minstrel with her Uncle Budrick. When Budrick is kidnapped by the nasty King Gastley, Max and her misfit band of adventurers, the Midknights go on a thrilling quest to save Budrick and set Byjovia free from King Gastley’s evil rule. 

Book #3: Mac B. Kid Spy, Mac Undercover by Mac Barnett

Mystery, intrigue, and laughs abound in this illustrated chapter book! Before Mac Barnett was an author, he was a kid. And when he was a kid, he was a spy. Not just any spy. But a spy…for the Queen of England. Accompanied by one of the Queen’s corgis, Mac has to rescue the stolen Crown Jewels, and find the secretive thief. 

Book #4: Spy Penguins by Sam Hay

Inspector Gadget meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in this silly adventure story about two gadget loving penguins, who dream of joining the Frosty Bureau of Investigation! Jackson just wants to be a secret agent like his uncle, but there’s a small problem – he’s too young! Jackson and his friend Quigley aren’t going to let a little thing like age stand in their way! When rare fish start vanishing from the city aquarium, Jackson and Quigley are the only ones who can solve the case!

Book #5: Thundercluck: Midnight Snack of Shadows by Paul Tillery

No read-a-like list for Thundercluck would be complete without the sizzling sequel! In this all new adventure, Thundercluck and Brunhilde have run afoul of the Asgardian librarian when the evil Book Wyrm steals their borrowed library book. Can Thundercluck and Brunhilde steal the book back and escape in time, or will they become the next midnight stack of the Book Wyrm?

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